Raw Piss

Director: Gary Carlton
Year: 2010
Length: 78 minutes
Condoms: N/A

Derrek Downs and Ethan King get wet, dirty, cum-covered and bellies full of piss in Gary Carlton’s raunchiest piss party ever filmed, Raw Piss. Derrek and Ethan, happy little piggies, are all smiles as they enter the piss pit where 12 pissers with bursting bladders await them. Within seconds, hairy daddy Brad Beckler steps up and washes Derrek down with hot liquid gold, and Derrek can’t help himself but to suck the piss right out of Brad’s hard cock and swallow it. Brad’s still-pissing cock slips out of Derrek’s mouth and sprays his head before he can catch it and slide it back inside his mouth, the torrent gushing off Derek’s face and down his torso, wetting his bulging jockstrap and making his cock even harder.

Brad barely empties his gut before Derrek turns to ripped stud Chris Leaper and takes his cock in his mouth and starts the whole process over again. Derrek works the room like this for several minutes, and the pissers get into the groove as, one by one – and in some cases two-by-two – step up and take a leak in, on and over Derrek. Derrek does his best to catch the flow, but is soon glistening wet. The piss comes from every direction at points, and Derrek throws his head back when one of the hung, hot tops starts a stream from behind, spreading his legs and thrusting his hips forward which only makes his hard cock look bigger… and he hasn’t even touched himself!

Meanwhile, Ethan has been working the line as well, and is drenched in urine as he moves from top to top and sucks cock and takes pissloads to his best effort. Derrek works a cumload out of Oliver, and seeing this Ethan must share in the DNA, so he lays back and licks the cum overflow off Derrek’s leg.

Gallons of piss await, so Ethan jumps back into action and joins Derrek at the tap. Both piss pigs get load after load, swallowing it and moving on to the next pissing top. But being a true pig, Ethan sees Derrek’s puckered hole as he kneels down to drink, so Ethan lays on the piss-covered filthy floor and rims Derrek’s hole while piss from one top after another rolls down Derrek’s body and into Ethan’s mouth at the same time. Derrek’s cock bobs up and down at the sensation of Ethan’s tongue gliding over his sphincter and probing his hole.

The focus, however, remains on draining every top in the room, and both Ethan and Derrek move down the lineup, and despite everyone replenishing their bladders, they run out of piss for a minute so the boys suck cock after cock – hey, it’s a pigs life!

In the climax of the movie, Ethan starts on his back, laying in the middle of the piss puddle that has gathered on the floor of the pit. Calvin (the RPatz look-alike) steps up and starts the deluge with a steady stream from his uncut cock. Robby joins in, his flow starting up just as Calvin dribble the last few drops, followed by Dino who lets loose a torrent with force. Finally, Brad steps in and sprays Ethan from head to toe, but Ethan wants it in his mouth so he reaches up and redirects the hot stream into his mouth, filling up and swallowing a couple of times before lifting his head – while Brad keeps pissing – and drinking as fast as he can. The scene gets so intense that the tops start cumming, one after another, as the boys jump from cock to cock to catch their cumloads, fighting for the cum but then sharing it with each other via cummy kisses.

Finally, Derrek removes Ethan’s jockstrap and wrings it out over his head and into his mouth, and then takes off his own drenched ‘strap and squeezes out as much piss as possible then stuffing the filthy rag into Ethan’s mouth. To wrap it up, Derrek dumps a bottle of piss (collected before filming began, so it’s dark yellow, stinky and cold) over Ethan’s head and into his mouth – who proves once and for all he’s a pig with the best of ‘em, swallowing it down.

This is, without doubt, the rawest, raunchiest piss party ever captured on tape. The piss doesn’t just flow, it gushes from hot, hung and handsome guys who were so into the scene, the movie is almost real-time as it happened. There’s big guys, hairy guys, guys with extreme tattoos, young guys and even a daddy in there to make it real. The piss was ankle-deep by the end, and both boys’ guts bulged out from drinking so much, so fast, but they were as happy as two piss pigs in a trough, and it shows.

Cast: Derrek Downs, Ethan King, Brad Beckler, Jack Bannister, Calvin, Robby Mendez, Chris Leaper, Jeremy Oliver, Danny McMahon, David, Dino Rosso, Adam, Rafael Montez

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