Josh Weston Bareback

Director(s): Gary Carlton and Jonny Ransom
Year: 2008
Length: 120 min
Condoms: No

Hey guys,

I thought Josh Weston was incredibly hot the moment I met him when he was working the ticket counter of the Nob Hill Theatre here in San Francisco, a venerated sleaze joint for Gentlemen of a certain age, and the boys that admire them. Josh has those all-American good looks, and the kind of firm handshake that inspires confidence and exudes good breeding ;)

While many of his films from Falcon, Hot House, & Sx featured his classic physique, none really captued the real sex pig inside the man. That's what we aimed to do. Fans of Spunk know we love our muscle bottoms, and Josh delivers his rear end like a champ. In the first scene, blond cocksman Lars Swensen treated Josh to a thick swedish meat stick.

Later, Josh goes wild flip-flop-fucking with newcummer and Spunk Exclusive Sage Daniels. This young man has a sexual appetite without equal, especially given that he's 100% vers, and great at both.

It's a fine of piece of work, and one of the best films we' done. Randy Johnson & Gary Carlton produced one fucking hot piece of smut. Filthy and wet, just how I like it.

-- Mike Brady

Here's how Randy Johnson describes the film.

Lars and Josh

I emailed these two on the off chance that they would do a bareback scene for Spunk and to my surprise, BOTH of these studs said they wanted to break out of the mainstream and told me they were sick of using condoms only on screen and were sick to death of not having as much fun at shoots as they do in their real lives! When I told Lars I had Josh Weston in mind for him, we booked the shoot immediately, with Josh just as eager to work with Lars… It was apparent that these two studs were into each other from the moment I suggested they do a scene together and luckily for us THEY WERE! As soon we got them together, clothes were off and Josh's ass was in the air ready for Lars' cock and load. Lars tests the water with his finger then tongue for a bit before he plows right into Josh's hole. Forget the Foreplay…these two get to the fucking right away! Josh makes the most wonderful pleasure filled-painful sounds as Lars sticks it to him. These two fuck in almost every position imaginable until Josh settles into the passive cum whore position waiting on his well deserved load! Which is a doozy of a load, you can see EVERY spot coat Josh's hole, which in turn causes a chain reaction cum shot from Josh. This gets Lars into a post-coital frenzy as he thoroughly laps up every bit of cum like a hungry kitten before a bowl of cream and then snowballs it into Josh's mouth. This scene is A MUST SEE for 2008!

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Jake, Ryan and Sage

This scene opens with Jake fingering and devouring newcomer Sage's pert ass and I must point out what amazing Hole control newcomer Sage has….I swear he could open beer bottles at parties with it! He holds it WIDE open as Jake spits into it for lube and he waits very patiently for Jake's big meat stick! It doesn't take Jake much to get that big bone buried inside Sage's Hole with all that spit for lube. As Jake pumps away, young twink Ryan Foxxx gets in on the action anyway he can! He buzzes around Jake and Sage like a horny fly in the room. Next, Jake gets on his back so Sage can get that cock in as deep as he can, then he rides that cock like a rodeo champ……..RIDE 'EM COWBOY! These two are so engrossed in their sweaty fuck session that when Sage falls off the bed upside down onto the floor, Jake keeps fucking him without missing a beat! Jake really gives him a relentless pounding while he jerks Sage off, until Jake blows his milky wet load all over Sage's expectant hole.

Once again Ryan Foxxx gets in on the action, anyway he can. His cute little twink face appears from nowhere to lick up the cum dripping from Sage's hole as Jake is still fucking him! When Sage is ready to blow his load, Ryan repositions his mouth right over Sage's cum eruption and lets his tongue explore every last bit until Jake's fingers move in to meticulously scoop up handful after handful of cum to shove inside Sage's fluttering HUNGRY hole! Jake is a real Hole-Whisperer in this scene, he really treats that hole right! He doesn't let Ryan feel left out with the handfuls of cum, he feeds Ryan his cum covered fingers and lets the boy suck on them for a while before he himself dives tongue first into Sage's cum soaked ass for a taste of sweet victory….yet another hole conquered!

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Sage and Josh

We found newcomer Sage dancing in clubs in Salt Lake City, he likes the money, but what he really likes more is SEX! So we talked over a couple of drinks and this boy is PERFECT for porn! I told him we'd bring him out to San Francisco for his audition shoot and figured Josh Weston would be a good first time match for him. If you can't do a good job with Josh, then porn probably isn't for you at all. Sage took to a porn shoot like a duck to water, so no problems there! We totally didn't expect what we saw that day….these two were SO into each other, good thing Gay Marriage wasn't legal at the time here in California! I've never seen two porn stars kiss like this in a scene. He kisses and licks his way all around Josh's body, being sure to take his sweet time at Josh's hole. He parks his tongue there and French kisses it, while dribbling spit for lube from the top of the hole all the way down, making sure it's FUCK READY!

No worries with Josh, it is ALWAYS ready! Josh takes it like the pro he is and rides Sage's dick like a champion surfer rides waves. After Josh has some fun as a bottom, he wants to take a crack at Sage's ass, so we let him! Josh fucks him so good, that when he blows his load all over Sage's hole it actually swallows the load! It reminds me of a fish out of water gasping for air! I swear we're going to have to turn Josh Weston into a top more often! Immediately Sage gets Josh on his back and invades his ass again, this time until he blows his load into Josh's gasping hole! A virtual waterfall of cum! Of course for Josh its just plain awesome, as we see his fingers working the overflow back in his hole. Overall one of the best versatile scenes in existence! We were really impressed with Sage's versatility; this boy can throw a good fuck as a Top or a Bottom! He was such a good find that we signed him to an exclusive contract with Spunk Video! Keep an eye out for him in future Spunk productions!

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Lars and Ryan

This scene is all about Lars using twink hole to bust his nut!. Definitely some great close up exciting ass pounding going on throughout the scene. Lars is plugging away jack hammering Ryan's ass throughout. So much nasty wet ass pounding in fact it gets all over the camera lens! I think Lars works off a little aggression as well in this scene on Ryan's good submissive hole. Somehow I don't think Ryan seems to mind at all… even when his face seems to show the contrary. There's a whole lot of pleasure in a little bit of pain!

Lars gets a little verbal in his thick German accent telling Ryan "Fuck your Ass until I Come and blow my big load in your Ass?" Immediately Ryan loses control and can't stop cumming! There's something to be said about Hot Men with foreign accents and uncut cocks asking if you want their BIG load that can just move a guy from 0 to HORNY in no time flat! Right after, it's Lars' turn and he releases a cum tsunami upon Ryan's hole and then plunges back in to make sure he pounds that load DEEP inside! Any remaining cum he scrapes up and feeds to Ryan who happily slurps up whatever Lars will dish out.

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Lars, Josh and Sage

First off, this scene consists of THREE exceptionally HOT men! Quite a few guys' porn dream come true... Newcomer Sage with Lars and Josh (BOTH finally with no condoms!) I have to spell it out, H-O-T! The scene starts off right away with hot action as Sage fucks Josh on his back some as a warm up, and then flips Josh over on his belly so Sage can give up his own sweet hole too to Lars while he's busy fucking Josh! These 3 guys fit together better than Lego blocks! This is one smoking HOT sandwich fuck! This will be one sandwich you wish you could order at your local deli! They each have a little one on one screen time with each other and still find the time for all 3 to be fucking together in this scene. Josh and Sage retain their on screen chemistry from their earlier scene; these boys really get creative with positioning and share this bottom embrace I've never seen before just to be able to give Lars easy access to both holes! At one point they seem to function as one bottom with two holes! Lucky Lars! They are also able to fuck independently of each other too….at one point Lars jack hammer power fucks Sage's hole and primal grunts from Sage are a real turn on!

Next Sage Tops Josh and really does a number on Josh's Ass and makes Josh cum a nice load, then Sage gives us one of the Hottest Internal Cum shots in years and then flips over to get a load from Lars! By the way, Sage is my favorite versatile guy in porn in a long time; I can't praise his versatility enough! The scene culminates with a nice juicy cum shot from Lars which we watch ooze out of Sage's insatiable hole. One of the best three-ways in years!

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Introducing Spunk Exclusive SAGE DANIELS in Josh Weston Bareback

All text and pictures Copyright 2008

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