Cum in My Mouth

Elliot Cross walked in our office looking every bit the little preppy urban professional. But beneath that dress shirt and pressed slacks is the real Elliot, a little cum whore who will do anything to get a load in his mouth. Before he moved to LA, Elliott was always hanging around our office, always volunteering when an oral bottom didn't show.

Follow Elliot as he gets load after load shot in his pie-hole and see him swallow them down his gullet like it's milk to a baby. Watch as he takes 19 year old straight boy Christianís Wildeís throbbing cock and drains his heavy ball sack. And if that werenít enough, Elliot coats Christianís dick with his own load, and then licks it clean, Ďcause he just canít get enough cock and cum.

Cast: Elliot Cross, Jake Corwin, Bobby Baptise, Jason Sparks, Christian Wilde, Max Powers and Mike Hawk.

Mike Brady presents a Randy Johnson production of a Jonny Ransom film Elliot Cross in  CUM IN MY MOUTH
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