Cum in My Mouth 3: Chad Conrad

Director: Jonny Ransom
Length: 90 minutes
Year: 2009
Condoms: n/a

Scene 1: Chris Earls Chad is down on his knees servicing Chris Earls' cock. Earls is a handsome guy, spikey black hair, with a black cockring. Earls fucks Chad's eager face. All around them there are black panels with glory hole cutouts in them, setting the mood for the rest of the oral obsession film. One thing we find out early on is that Chad is a slurper! Chad loves to get down on Earls cock and isn't shy about making noise while he does it, and it makes Earls grin. Mmm, mmm says Chad. He looks at the camera while deep-throating Earl's trouser snake, and those big balls gets bubbly spit all over them. Earl strokes Chad's face and hair while getting sucked. When it cums time, Earls leans against the wall for support as he jacks off onto Chad's tongue. Chad looks at the camera with a happy cumface. When Earls puts his finger up to Chad's mouth, he sucks off the cum off of it, curling his tongue around the finger. Chad is such a cumwhore he even llicks up the cum from Earls' jeans bunched up around his ankles.

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Scene 2: Jake Wood Chad helps Jake pull down his jeans, then he deep throats him. Jake's got a few tatts, like a navy-blue 5-point star on his hip. Chad gags a bit when Jake pushes Chad's head down on his cock, but comes back for another head-push. You get to see Jake's viewpoint as Chad continues to suck, looking down on Chad who like an obedient dog licks Jake's balls. Jake has a thumb ring, trimmed pubes; he's a good looking guy. Jake pulls his shirt off, then leans Chad's head back so he can look into his eyes. I love seeing a guy looks straight into your eyes when he's blowing you, knowing you are getting off from his mouth. Jake rubs his cock on Chad's face, then there's a long string of spit when Jake pulls out of Chad's mouth. They make a game of it, Jake pulling all the way out, swinging his dick in Chad's face. Jake hits his cock on the top with his closed fist, teasing Chad with it, bouncing it against those eager wet lips. Jake cums in a noisy climax—in fact, he cums twice! He then rubs the cum all over Chad's face, pushes it back into Chad's mouth.

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Scene 3 Scott Bakunan Scott is dark and handsome young dude, who has full lush pubes. Don't you love it when they leave it natural? The funk from a bushy crotch is such an aphrodisiac. Scott's dressed kinda preppy-ish, has a dark and long cock that curves downward, with a solid build. They kiss before Chad takes the big, long brown snake into his mouth, goes down while Scott fucks his face. Chad chokes on the downward-curving dick, but he's a tireless cocksucker. He takes Scott's cock right down to the balls, which is no small feat since that thing is loooong. Chad pants like a hungry dog when Scott squirts his juice onto Chad's waiting tongue, then rubs the head of his cock on it, cleaning off the sperm from the piss slit.

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Scene 4 Paul Bearer Chad is so eager to get at Paul's cock he pulls down his black jeans, then pulls aside the leg opening of his black CK briefs, beginning to suck and kiss his pubes. Paul goes from soft to semi then harder—wouldn't you?! Paul's my favorite in this movie full of hot guys -- light brown downy pubes, lightly hairy body, killer smile and a trim and muscular body. Chad looks sure looks happ! He grins and then sucks on Paul's balls, pulling them into his mouth. Feeling Chad's soft wet lips and throat massaging his cock makes Paul pull and pinch on his nipples. Chad handles Paul's thick veiny cock, with its thick hard cord below, and nice big helmet well. Chad says "ahhh—ahhh" when he cums, licking his lips, hungry for the cum licks it off the cock. Must've been just what the doctor ordered!

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Scene 5: Thumper When we catch Thumper, an older guy with gorgeously muscled and sexy body with a nice cock, Chad is sitting with hands clasped behind his back. Thumper pulls down his psychedelic blue underwear, grabbing Chad's pecs and giving him a firm titty-twister. Thumper his a big old cocktease, getting his dick close to Chad, then pulling it away, then holding Chad's face close to it. Thumper is one sexy stud, sensuously pumps his hips so he can use that cocksucker mouth well. Chad takes his cock to the balls, and they kiss while Thumper jacks off. Chad sucks on those heavy hangers, and it excites Thumper so much he raises his arms in hero gesture! He then grabs onto and pulls Chad's hair, swirls hips in a circle, pumps his hips long and slow, swings his cock around, teasing him with that succulent cock. The whole time, Chad keeps hands behind back as if bound. Finally Thumper fucks his face fucks his face hard. He cums on Chad's face while straddling his chest, and then pushes the tasty goo into mouth with his fingers, afterwards sensuously kissing and licking Chad's face.

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Scene 6 glory hole quickie/Jerry In this darkish glory hole scene, we see a tight light on Chad sucking down a hard dick with ginger pubes, black cockring making the cock hard and purple. He uses his hand to stroke the cock that comes out from the gloryhole and we get a view from bottom while he sucks. Chad wears his baseball cap backwards, continuing to suck. We get to view the nice hard cord on the underside.

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Later, Chad gets a good look at the suckee and a new guy, Jerry, who sports some tats and has a lean muscular body, big dick. You gotta know this will make Chad enthusiastically suck on both dicks! Chad sucks and sucks with his tireless mouth, then jacks the guy, licking the tip, deep throating those two big monsters, slurping and slurping until they give him a cum squirt right into his mouth.

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You love to watch a talented cocksucker at work? You gotta get this one. It's hard to say which one is the best in the "Cum In My Mouth" series from Spunk, but this one is great for the sexy Chad slurping and gulping cock and cum. Mmmm-mmm!

— Spunk Video

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