Young Cum Holes

Director: Gary Carlton
Year: 2012
Length: 100 min
Condoms: No

Friends with benefits. Fuckbuddies. Hook-ups with those you know... when I started putting this movie together, I was amused that every pairing I suggested was met with "been there, done that!" so it wasn't like the typical anonymous encounter common in porn. No, these guys were friends, lovers, or at least knew each other pretty well. So, with caution, I proceeded and found each pairing to be scorching hot, passionate and the best part, filled with laughter. The guys had fun making the movie and had some awesome sex. It's, um, hard to pick a favorite scene because the guys are all hotties, with big cocks that stayed hard throughout the shoot (and before, and after...) and eager holes that were aching to be filled. So, without further ado, I'm proud to present Young Cum Holes:

Luke and Jake

Luke and Jake start kissing and rubbing each other's cocks, quickly moving into position to suck one another and then 69. Jake rolls Luke over and rims his hole wet before sliding in, gently at first but gaining speed and thrust. He rolls Luke over on his back and really starts pounding away before Luke decides he wants a crack at Jake's ass, too. He positions Jake on the edge of the bed and slides his slick cock into Jake's eager ass, going balls deep in a steady, sure glide as Jake moans with pleasure.

Luke pushes Jake back further on the bed so he can lean over and kiss him while fucking his hole, and Jake jacks his cock in motion with Luke's fucking. Luke picks up speed, and Jake licks the palm of his hand and transfer his spit to his cock. Then, Luke puts a pillow under Jake's ass, which allowed him to pound away, making Jake explode all over his belly. Luke pulls out, scoops up Jake's cum and swaths his dick before sliding in and blowing his load deep up Jake's ass. As he pulls out, his big load comes gushing out of Jake's hole, dripping down his ass, so Luke smooths it all over his butt and pushes some back in with his fingers.

Jamie and Jay

Right to the point, Jay sucks on Jamie's cock before rotating to a 69-position, where they both slurp down each others' cocks. Jay's compact frame contrasts nicely with Jaime's lanky body (giving us some great views of Jamie sucking Jay's chub). Jay, however, is an ass-man, and quickly re-positions Jamie in his back and tongue-fucks Jamie's hole wet. As he slides his cock in Jamie's hole, he says "Oh fuck, yeah" as Jamie struggles to take it. Jay rolls Jamie's leg's back and pile-drives in, Jamie gasping as Jay's cock nearly splits him in half (one of those hurts-so-good moments!). Jay picks up speed as he takes hold of Jamie's legs and grinds away, plugging him good. Jay's abs pop as he thrusts into Jamie.

Jay wants some cock up his ass, too, so they reposition to the edge of the bed where Jamie stuffs his rock-hard cock up Jay's ass as Jay again says "Fuck yeah, dude." Jamie gets going good, but Jay's hole is tight and he pops out a couple of times and plunges right back in. Jay loves to bottom as much as top, and it shows when Jamie piston-fucks his hole and all he does is groan and exclaim "uh-huh, fuck yeah" as Jamie works his hole open. Jay strokes his cock faster and faster, taking Jamie's cock to the balls, pulling out to lay his cock on top of Jay's so he can stroke both together. Jay wants to top some more, so he sits up, kisses Jamie, and pushes him back on the bed and thrusts in Jamie's hole in one smooth motion. Jay hits Jamie's G-spot and finds the right speed and angle that pushes Jamie over the edge, pulls out to make it last but it's too late and Jamie's balls start to tighten so Jay shoves back in and makes Jamie blow his load all over his belly. Not missing a beat, Jay scoops up Jamie's cum and uses it for lube, swathing his cock and thrusting in Jamie's pulsing hole. He rolls Jamie on his side (which, he later said makes his hole grip his cock), and promptly squirts a big load, pulls out to show us the cum dripping out of his cock, and goes back in, of course, scraping up the cum and shoving it up Jamie's ass at the same time.

Luke and Alex

Pairing a couple of lanky, lean guys like Luke and Alex makes for a hot scene. and of course, it helps that both have great cocks. Alex is rock hard from the get-go, and Luke sucks him down his throat so deep you can see his Adam's apple getting shoved out of the way. Alex rolls over on top of Luke and continues chowing down on his cock, swallowing it's full length as well. Luke moves on to lick Alex's balls, and when Alex sits up it positions him perfectly for Luke to rim his hole. They flip around and Alex starts by grinding their cocks together, then fingers Luke's hole before sliding his cock in as Luke throws his head back against the bed in ecstacy.

The two exchange some whispers, Luke telling Alex he's a sadist for shoving all the way in so quickly and Alex retorting that if he were a sadist, he'd do "this" -- and then piston fucking Luke's hole hard. Luke takes it like a pro, but when Alex takes hold of his hands to pull him in tighter, he instead rolls over and sits on Alex's cock and bounces (taking control of the -- um -- situation). They switch it up to position Alex on his tummy and Alex spreads Luke's asscheeks and slams his cock in. Alex likes it tight, so he squeezes Luke's legs together and plows away, then pulls Luke up to his knees to get a good pile-drie going. Alex is one aggressive top!

They fuck in a couple of positions before Alex pulls Luke to the edge of the bed and works himself towards climax. When he cums, he sprays jizz all over Luke's ass, his hands, everywhere... and leaves a cummy mess sliming Luke's hole. He of course rubs the mess with his fingers and shoves as much up Luke's hole as he can before kneeling on the bed and stuffing his cummy cock in Luke''s mouth as he jerks out his own load. Piggy Alex leans over, sucks the last few drops from Luke's cock, licks up the spillage off his stomach, and snowballs it to Luke.

Jay and Jake

Jake was out laying by the pool when Jay suggested that they fuck outside, so he wrapped a towel aropund his waist and played out the poolboy fantasy. Well, if a cute poolboy like that offered me a towel, I'd take the one wrapped around him, too! When Jake tugs on the towel, Jay's rock-hard cock springs straight up, which is of course destined for Jake's mouth. Jay tells him to get on his knees and Jake obiently drops and sucks down Jay's fat cock. He stops only long enough for Jay to bend over and kiss him, then Jay positions Jake on the chaise and rims his hole nice and wet. Jay really is an ass-man, and the rimming went on for quite a while before he finally stands and thrusts his stiffie up Jake's hole in one sweeping motion. As the warm breeze teased both of their naked bodies, Jay asked Jake is he was "ready to get fucked?" to which Jake, of course, wiggled and held his ass up. Jay slid in Jake's tight hole and fucked him open. The birds tweeted away in the background, Jake's rod poked out, and Jay told Jake to lay on his back. Jay stuffed his cock back in and with a few hip-thrusts got so close he couldn't stop and blew his first load up Jake's ass, pulling out to show a geyser of cum shooting out of his stiff cock, telling Jake "I'm sure I'll be able to do it again" and thrusting right back in Jake's ass.

After a few seconds, he cums again, and you hear Jake tell him to "put it back in!" as he's stroking his cock and it getting close himself. Jay shows how good it is to be flexible and bends over to suck on Jake's cock (and it really helps that Jake's cock is quite long!). Then, in a move that pleasantly surprised Jake, he climbed up and sat on Jake's cock, taking him balls-deep and really giving Jake a nice, tight, wet hole. Jake's balls belied how much he liked fucking Jay, tightening up as Jay bounced, making the chaise scoot around the patio and squeek as it moved. Being the ever-diligent top, Jay stood, Jake's cock popped out of his ass, and he moved down and stuffed his cock back in Jake's hole. Jay looks down and says "there's something white dripping out of your ass!" to Jake, who dryly replies "that would be your cum," so Jay goes back in, hits Jake's buttons and he jerks his cock and blows cum all over his belly, shuddering with his orgasm. Jay leans over and gets a few drops out of Jake's cock in his mouth, then scoops up some, feeds it to Jake, licks his fingers, and then they share a cummy kiss. The way that Jay smiles at Jake, and Jake's laughter really ended the scene nicely... you know they both had a good time.

Jamie and Alex

Jamie and Alex both have big, fat dicks and on slim guys, they look even bigger. Post-some nice kissing and rubbing, they start out rubbing their cocks together and it's only a minute before they have to have either cock or ass in their mouths, so they rotate for better access. Jamie slobbers down Alex's rigid dick while Alex's tongue probe Jamie's hole.

Alex's cock aches as Jamie deep-throats it, and he has to stuff it up Jamie's ass as soon as possible. He doesn't even stop to remove his PA, just shoving his rock hard cock in, and Jamie just groans. Of course, it's not like Jamie resisted... in fact, Alex just slid right in Jamie's welcoming ass. They try a bunch of positions, Alex keeping at hitting Jamie's spot until he hits it spot on and Jamie's cock spurts cum all over his belly. Then Alex floods Jamie's ass with his spooge, pulls out and scoops it up, and goes right back in.

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