Swallow it Straight Boy

Director: Leo Greco
Casting: Leo Greco, AdamCruise.com
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece

The video cover says:

"After a little taste of dick, Straight Boy Lance wants to give cocksucking a real try. Watch him transform from novice to CUM PIG in a New York minute."

It's no joke. Lance really does suck a mean cock in this video. And he's is fucking gorgeous too. So watching him swallow dicks with his pretty little mouth is a real treat. The first dude he blows is a tattooed Jew (I could tell by the star of David he head tattooed on his chest). I love Jewish guys, so my cock was paying close attention as Lance sucked this guy's fat Jew cock like it was going out of style. Then when Jewboy cums directly into Lance's mouth, I lost it and shot all over.

Lance does seem to enjoy polishing knobs. In the second scene he gags as he attempts ot deep throat. When the top shoots his load into Lance's mouth he asks, "You like that? How does it taste?" Lance moans and gasps as he responds, "Oh yeah, it tastes good." Fuck I love a guy who enjoys the taste of cum.

One of my favorite guys is this Latino hombre with a HUGE dick. Lance noisily slurps on this guys penga grande. I was amazed and rock hard as I watched Lance deep throat this massive cock with ease. Quite a skill to lodge something that big down your throat!

Lance brings and endless number of hot guys back to his hotel for hot throat-fucking action. As Lance is cruising the streets of Manhattan he walks past a guy he recognizes as porn star Mario Ortiz. And bam, they're back in Lance's hotel room, ready for some action. Mario takes off his pants, and holy fuck... His uncut dick his huge! This is the kind of dick that oral sluts dream of getting their lips around. Lance doesn't pass up this golden opportunity either. He swallows Mario's pole to the root, gagging and choking noisily. Eventually Mario throat fucks Lance and covers his face with his hot porn star jizz.

My favorite scene is the second to last one. The dude Lance sucks off is so fucking hot. As Lance works his magic on the guy's cock, the dude just can't stop grinning and smiling wide. And his smile is great -- a wide-eyed "kid in a candy store" sort of smile. This dude eventually coats Lance's face and throat with the biggest load of the video. Even though I'd just shot during the first scene, I had to work another hot gusher out of my own cock.

The final scene is great. Lance says to the camera man, "There's only one cock I haven't sucked yet... Yours." So, as the camera man holds the camera, Lance gets on his knees and deep throats the camera man. I've never seen a sexy slut deep throat so skillfully. The video should be called "Deep Throat it, Straight Boy." I fucking loved it when the camera man shoots his cum jets all over Lance's mouth and face. Lance did such a good job at working on this guy's dick, that the camera man shoots all the way up onto Lances forehead and into his eye. They both start laughing and Lance giggles, "Oh my god, I can't see!" We've all been there, right?! Well, I have anyway, so I totally know how funny it can be...

Cat: Lance Brody, Scott Johnson, Mario Ortiz, J.C., Tristan, Taino, Brett Redman, Leo Greco, J. Phoenex, Decker, Tony S.

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