Raw Rods #13: Breeding Sessions

Director: Uncredited
Year: 2013
Condoms: No

SCENE 1: Diego Sanchez & Romeo St. James

Romeo and Diego are just chillin at the crib and doing some laundry. Romeo catches Diego having some trouble figuring out the dryer. Diego gets frustrated and can't figure that shit out but he tells Romeo that he's good at other things. He kneels down and starts sucking on Romeos huge dick and starts to get real hungry to have it up his ass. Romeo spreads Diego's legs and eats his ass out to get it nice and wet. Once Romeo starts fucking it Diego doesn't want this brotha to take it out. He buries Romeo's piece and milks that shit with his tight ass. Romeo is loving it so much he almost nuts up in Diego but pulls out just in time to cover him with his load.

SCENE 2: Day Day & Hoody LaVaye

Hoody was busy doing schoolwork when his boy Day Day starts hitting him up horny as fuck. Hoody wants to finish his shit first but Day Day isn't havin any of that. When his dick is hard he expects his boy to take care of it. He brings his big ass dick over and whips it out in front of Hoody and Hoody can't help but kneel and suck on the thing. Day Day has to get a taste of that ass before he stuffs it so he buries his face and gets it nice and wet for a raw fuck. He pounds Hoody so hard all you can hear is him screaming Day Day's name. Day Day busts his nut all over Hoody's face and lets him finish his school work.

SCENE 3: Kristian Dawawan & Rasheed Coles

Kristian and Rasheed are just chillin on vacation in Miami before goin to the beach. Kristian is fiending for some dick so he asks Rasheed if he can give him some head. Rasheed might be a shorty but he is packin a monster dick between his legs. When he whips it out Kristian starts goin to town on that shit. Kristian climbs on top and starts ridin that thick piece. Rasheed flips him over on all fours and dicks down Kristian so hard he starts moaning on the balcony. Kristian loves it so much he can't help but bust his nut all over himself. Ready to bust too, Rasheed unloads a monster nut in Kristian's mouth and they share a taste before hittin the beach for the afternoon.

SCENE 4: Kemancheo & Mr. Phat Lipps 2

Mr Phat Lipps is at Dr Kemancheo's office today seeking some help with his sex addiction. He just can't stop fucking and it's all he thinks about. Dr Kemancheo decides to use some hypno-therapy on Mr Phat Lipps to do as he pleases. Kemancheo thinks Mr Phat Lipps is too damn sexy to fix his problem tho, and while he's under that spell he strips him down and starts sucking on his big fuckin dick and eating his ass. Mr Phat Lipps addiction is so bad once he gets all horny he just has to have some raw dick deep up his hole. Kemancheo lays that pipe into him until he's moaning in ecstasy. Then they swap positions and Kemancheo takes Mr Phat Lipps big pipe too. You can really feel the chemistry between these two and they both bust their shit all over Kemancheo, licking it up and kissing. After the hypnosis wears off tho, Mr Phat Lipps doesn't remember a thing and is so pissed Kemancheo took advantage of his addiction that he gets up and leaves without even payin. Oh well!

Cast: Day Day, Diego Sanchez, Hoody LaVaye, Kemancheo, Kristian Dawawan, Mr. Phat Lipps, Rasheed Coles, Romeo St. James

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