Cum in My Mouth 4

Director: Dan Reece
Year: 2010
Length: 75 minutes
Condoms: N/A


Sage Daniels and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4Blue Bailey came to us having seen our earlier Cum in My Mouth movies(1, 2, 3), saying he could suck cock better than any of the guys in the series (well, his implication was that he could better than anyone) so when Sage Daniels was in town, we brought them in and tested Blue’s claim. Sage’s rock-hard cock bounced out of his undies when Blue peeled them off, and stayed full staff throughout Blue’s tonguing and nursing, finally shooting hot jets of cum that landed mostly on Blue’s outstretched tongue… but Blue later reported he felt several streams slosh the back of his throat and slide down his gullet, which explains why, at the point we were ready to turn off the camera, he stood up and jerked out a load (we used that in the credit sequence it was so hot!). Sage Daniels and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4


Andrew James and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4Having proved his oral skills, Blue was raging when we showed him a pic of Andrew James’ thick piece of meat and practically demanded we get him in for a blowjob extraordinaire. Andrew’s cock is one of those monsters that has a slight curve and gets thicker and thicker further down his shaft, but it was no problem for Blue. Prior to introducing Andrew to Blue, we told him Blue likes it hard and rough, so when he grabs Blue by the hair and rams his cock down Blue’s throat, it’s not exactly a surprise that Blue swallows it all down. It took Andrew a couple of tries, but he finally forced Blue’s gag reflex to kick in, covering Andrew’s pubes in precum and throatslime. So Andrew reciprocates by flooding Blue’s mouth full of cocksnot, which Blue eagerly laps up and swallows down.

Andrew James and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4


Pancho Santo and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4Blue gave a full rundown of all the types of dick he likes, and while it’s safe to say “all of ‘em” pretty much covers it, he expressed a particular interest in uncut cock. Enter Pancho with his long mocha cock with a head covered by plentiful foreskin. Pancho’s attitude didn’t reveal that he’d have such a beautiful penis, but once all those clothes got peeled off, Blue couldn’t stop chewing and nursing on it, pulling the skin over Pancho’s cockhead and swirling his tongue around. Pancho was so absorbed in Blue’s mouth, you could tell he forgot we were there with a camera, even when we were so close Blue’s breath fogged the lens. Of course, Pancho let loose with a stream of jizz that covered Blue’s mouth and chin once Blue finally took him over the edge.

Pancho Santo and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4


Nick and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4Nick came to us as a “friend of a friend” (if you know what I mean) and we never did really get a straight answer… but we didn’t get a gay one, either. As Blue says, “whatever” and “let’s see it.” There wasn’t much point in starting this scene with their clothes on, since it was true-to-point and Nick’s cock was hard the moment his jeans came off. Blue didn’t so much as suck Nick’s cock as he devoured it, but Nick teased him by pulling out of his mouth and pulling on his cock as Blue tried to lick the tip. Blue persevered, and did get a couple of to-the-pubes deep throatings. But then Nick played the ultimate joke on a cocksucker, pulling out and spraying Blue’s face with rope after rope of sticky cum which dripped into his mouth with a bit of help from Nick sliding his cock over Blue’s face and pushing the jizz into his mouth.

Nick and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4


Ryan Stevens and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4Finally Ryan, a shy quiet boy from the South surprised Blue with his long meaty cock and laissez-faire demeanor. Let’s just say Ryan is a grower, because Blue said it just kept getting longer and longer, and the harder he’d suck, the more Ryan’s cock would slide down his throat. From the cute old-fashioned boxers he wore – mostly around his ankles – to the soft, blond pubes, you wouldn’t get Ryan’s aggressive probing topping style, but when he casually said “I’m gonna cum” and he pulls out of Blue’s mouth, the jets of cum gush out and coat the side of Blue’s face. His jizz was that runny, watery type that produces a shine on Blue’s smiling face as he licked his lips clean before sucking back down on Ryan’s cock for those last few drops.

Ryan Stevens and Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4

Bonus: Joey Rankin blows Steve Rogers

Joey Rankin and Steve Rogers in Cum in My Mouth 4Sometimes scenes we shoot, even months apart, just seem to work together, and this scene of Joey and Steve just worked with Blue’s five blowjobs. Unlike the rest of the scenes, Joey and Steve are a study in contrasts: Joey is hairy and lean with a killer smile, and muscular straight(-ish) Steve wanted more action after the scene we shot for Cum in My Mouth 2. It seems that boys do give better blowjobs, afterall… but I digress. Joey starts out by yanking Steve’s designer briefs off and sucking on his balls. This makes Steve’s thick cock stand up and take notice, and he gets so hard once Joey starts nursing his cock that his skin pulls tighter and tighter and making his piss slit open for Joey’s tongue. Much like Blue, Joey doesn’t seem to have a gag reflex, taking Steve’s cock down his throat as Steve moans and groans, rubbing his chest and pinching his nipples. It doesn’t take long for Joey to figure out that Steve likes fast motion starting about half-way down his shaft and back to the tip, so when Steve’s balls start to tighten and his breathing gets rapid, Joey focuses like a laser and pulls off just in time for Steve to gush gobs of goop onto his tongue, which comes so fast and gloppy that it slips out of Joey’s mouth and back onto Steve’s wood. But no worries… Joey licks it all up, smears his face across Steve’s throbbing cock, and smiles the whole time.

Joey Rankin and Steve Rogers in Cum in My Mouth 4Post-filming, with straight-ish Steve still laying there in recovery mode, he confessed he doesn’t normally cum from blowjobs, and this was like only the 5th time in his life he has… and yet, he did in his scene with Valentino in CIMM2. But when pressed for an explanation, he was just stumped. I guess he just likes being filmed!

Blue Bailey in Cum in My Mouth 4
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