Birmingham Cum

Director: Leo Greco
Year: 2012
Length: ~90
Condoms: N/A (oral)

Staring Kolton Ray and the hot men of Birmingham, Alabama!

Kolton Ray is young and smooth with a cute face. He's also cum hungry, and ready to handle the good ole boys of Birmingham. Kolton starts off with a bubba in a wife beater who can lick his own dick, showing the boy just how he likes it. Kolton works for the juice, and like a good suckboy makes certain he drains out all the remainder. Then he's on to two dudes and a daddy, happily sucking each one back and forth until he gets his reward.

Cast: Kolton Ray, Andrew Orchard, Cameron Knight, Clint Stone, Drew Stiles, PeeWee, Mike King, Zeb Reaux, Chase Martin, Avery Thompson, Parker Neal

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